• Last year, we launched a collection of luxury mineral stone bracelets "AURA COLLECTION", which is very popular. The bracelets are made directly by us, from quality natural mineral beads.
    Do you believe in the strength and energy of minerals? Do you feel their vibrations? Do you like to carry your favorite stone? If you answered YES at least twice, then don't hesitate and get a little piece of jewelry that you will always have with you on the go.

    Much has been written and said about the effects of precious stones and minerals. But more important is the feeling that a given mineral or jewelry evokes in you. We recommend choosing and following intuition.


great multi-function coconut oil.

Few people know that coconut oil conceals enormous strength. With regular use, reduces inflammation of the gums and teeth. It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Coconut oils makes whitens teeth.