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  • LINGZHI GOLD – Ganoderma lucidum

    Lingzhi mushroom is used in traditional Chinese medicine for 4,000 years. This mushroom was so rare that in ancient China was reserved only imperial family.

    According to Chinese tradition has often been called "divine mushroom of immortality". The Chinese still consider Lingzhi more valuable than ginseng.

  • Lingzhi GOLD - This is a 100% natural extracts HIGHEST QUALITY

    This product is registered in the Czech Republic and meets all necessary certificates !!!! Try real quality.

  • Reishi is commonly used to:

    - Support immune system function
    - Support for maintaining normal cholesterol and healthy blood circulation
    - Regulation of blood pressure
    - Strengthening the body during prolonged fatigue and exhaustion.


great multi-function coconut oil.

Few people know that coconut oil conceals enormous strength. With regular use, reduces inflammation of the gums and teeth. It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Coconut oils makes whitens teeth.