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  • Aquamarine

    Aquamarine is the birthstone symbolizes courage. Its soothing energy reduces stress and calms the mind. It brings harmony to your surroundings and protects against the harmful pollution. In ancient times it was believed that he could face the powers of darkness and simultaneously gain the favor of the spirits of light.

  • Amethyst
  • Angelit
  • Apatite
  • Astrofylit

    Astrofylit learning to love oneself and reinforces self-confidence. It helps to find the right path in life, utříbit think what we want to achieve in life, and what we enjoy. Astrofylit also increases our telepathic abilities and enhances the art of empathy. It also is known as the stone of marriage by sustaining relationships and podporujevěrnost, truth and sincerity.

  • Danburit
  • Rainbow obsidian -...

    Rainbow obsidian is one of smoothly operating obsidian, but also has a strong protective effect. It will bring you knowledge about your spiritual essence. Can sever ties connecting you with an old love and gently remove the hooks that others have left in your heart, make you sucked heart energy. If worn as a pendant rainbow obsidian can absorb negative energy from the aura and removed from the body stress.

  • Etiopský opál
  • Eudialyte

    Eudialyte opens the heart chakra and also helps create a connection to the basic energy of the chakras and brings together so emotional feelings with physical expression.
    It helps us to foster creativity, stimulates clairaudience, develops the ability tepepatie.
    It has been very encouraging vibrations and strongly supports us in knowing what direction to take in life and helps us to determine what our life is a journey.
    Eudialit embodies partly pink ray of the heart but also deeper red beam from the lower chakras and thus connects our spirituality with physical existence.

  • Charoit

    Charoite is a stone of transformation. It is a crystal controlled soul, which helps overcome the fear. Stimulates inner vision and spiritual insight and helps to cope with the extraordinary changes on the spiritual level. To prove this, enlivened heart and crown chakra, cleanses the aura and awakens in people's unconditional love. Charoite helps to change the vibration and connects the wearer with a higher reality. At the same time tremendous healing power in the physical and emotional plane personalities. It helps its owner to just present moment, accepted as the best possible.

  • Iolit/Cordierit
  • Chromdiopsid
  • Kunzit
  • Labradorit
  • Larimár

    Unearthly larimar, recently discovered, is one of the spiritual stones for opening entry into new dimensions and stimulate evolution of the Earth. Radiates love and brings peace and serenity. Larimar allows for easy absorption into a state of deep meditation. The natural way of increasing the level of awareness and gives body and soul into harmony with the new vibration. On the spiritual level, adds strength and eliminates false boundaries limiting the spiritual self. It acts as a guide souls to the right path životem.Larimar allows connection to the world of angels, as well as making contact with other worlds. It is an excellent stone for anyone looking for a soul mate. He can also heal scars derived from relationships in past lives and old cardiac trauma.

  • Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis lazuli opens the third eye and throat chakras maintaining balance. It helps to achieve a state of enlightenment, facilitates the retrieval and interpretation of dreams and enhances mental ability. This stone quickly eliminates stress and brings a sense of deep calm and peace. Delivers exceptional balance and is key to achieving spiritual znalostí.Lazurit is a protective stone that allows you to make contact with spiritual guides. Can recognize the threat of intellectual attack, stop attacking him and returns energy back to its source. It teaches the power of the spoken word and can reverse the misfortune or correct the imbalance caused in the past mlčením.Lazurit put into a state of harmony physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. The discrepancy between them can lead to depression, imbalance and loss of meaning in life. Evoking a sense of harmony brings deep inner self-knowledge.

    Lapis lazuli acts as a potent amplifier of ideas. It stimulates the higher faculties of mind, brings objective and clear view. Encourages the development of creative abilities through their attunement to the source of knowledge. Lapis lazuli will help you cope with the truth regardless of where it will discover and take everything you learn. Facilitates also express their opinion and brings harmony to conflict. Introduces its owner also with the value of active listening to others.

  • Lemurian quartz crystal

    Lemurian crystals are unique quartz crystals, pure and clear in the middle. Their unique hallmark is the horizontal "stripes" on one or more sides. It seems as if engraved by someone's hand, or rather a laser. Thanks to a thin layer of iron oxide, they can be colored slightly red. The only place where these crystals are found Originally, they were thought to come only from the Joaquim Felicio region of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, but were also found in the high mountain areas of Diamantina and Corinto.

  • Malachit s chryzokolem

    Machalit with chrysocolla can be as clear crystal gem show high healing vibrations. The combination of these two stones symbolizes wholeness and peace. When placed on an area that is the source of instability induces fine balance. If we put one of the stones on the third eye and the other on the solar plexus, get the balance of mind, body and emotions.

    Malachite stone is endowed with great power, but also among the crystals, which is needed to deal with great caution. It is best to use it under the supervision of a qualified healer who has a healing using crystals experience. It is poisonous and should only operate with a polished mold. Never inhale the dust. When used as a jewel elixir applied only externally. The second option is to proceed under the indirect method, where the stone placed in a glass container, which stands in a bowl of water to stone her to get styku.Malachit cleans and activates the chakras and allows you to tune in to the spiritual guide. If placed on the third eye supports developing visions and spiritual observation. Placed on heart, bringing balance and harmony. Opens the heart and causes an unconditional lásku.Lze be used for divination of the ball or to enter into other worlds - internal and external. The way his twisted patterns relaxes the mind and induces flow of unconscious wishes. It helps in receiving messages from the future....

  • Modrý aragonit
  • Nuumit
  • Petalit
  • Červený turmalín/rubelit
  • Serafinit

    Serafinit placed on the third eye or used for meditation is the cornerstone of spiritual enlightenment. A great way opens up the possibility of self-treatment. It is one of the crystals allow to establish connection with the angelic realms and současněotevírat crown and higher crown chakra. This stone helps its owner to give the lead voice has a sensitive heart and a cleansing effect on the heart chakra, which opens love.

  • Rubín ve fuchsitu/zoisit
  • Sluneční kámen
  • Shattuckit

    Shattuckit is with us less known mineral bright blue color, emerging secondary weathering of copper. The stone has a rich turquoise color in several shades of brown are the remains of cuprous ore. Shattuckit is located in the Congo. Countries that have cuprous bearings. Among the most famous sites include the USA, Argentina, Namibia, Congo.
    Shatttuckit is a high spiritual vibration stone that allows contact with the purest source of clean energy. Emits very soft, peaceful and protective energy. Allows you to break away from its owner all entities. It stimulates the heart chakra, the throat and the third eye and the cornerstone of genuine truth, communication and intuition. Its owner teaches personal responsibility. It helps develop mental abilities. Meditation with this stone will reveal which areas of your life just needs attention and help you bring her into a state of harmony. Delivers clear, concise message and vision and understanding. Removes curses, orders and hypnotic commands from the past.

  • Safír
  • Smaragd
  • Tanzanit
  • Tektit
  • Topaz

    Topas is gentle and serene stone gifted abilities of empathy that can focus energy where it is needed most. Soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, motivates and balances the meridians. Topaz brings truth and forgiveness. Helps irradiate the way, highlights the goals and highlights internal resources. This crystal brings faith in the universe, which allowed you to first "be", and then "perform". Reduces doubt and uncertainty.

    Vibrational energy topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Traditionally known as the stone of love and good fortune of securing the successful achievement of stated objectives. Extremely beneficial effect in inducing imagery. It is noted that each surface of the crystal and its two ends are charged positive and negative energy to which concentrate can request to space and then materialize on earth level.

  • Tugtupit
  • Quantum-Quattro

    Quantum-Quattro has light medium and dark royal blue, dark and light green color is a combination of shattuckitu (royal blue), chrysocollas (medium blue), dioptasu (forest green), malachite (light green) with smoky quartz, all in one swirl mix colors. This unusual stone was recently found in Namibia in Africa. The range of colors and combinations in each crystal is infinite and every piece is different.

    It is a stone of transformation, has a dramatic effect on the energy field, strengthens imuntní system activates the "treatment" DNA ... ie. Its uplift on dvanáctivláknovou level.

    It is important uzeměňovacím and protective stone. It absorbs negative energy and pollution.

    Meditate with him and clearly visualize the positive changes that you wish to meet. This combination symbolizes unity and peace.

    It is efficacious in the treatment of grief from the past and present life, releasing pent-up grief in the physical body. This stone removes hypnotic commands and edicts against the use of psychic vision, I quote the curse of past life.

    In the emecionální is a powerful healer of the heart and activator higher heart chakra. From the solar plexus chakra pulls negative emotions. Dissolves sadness, betrayal, grief, and is extremely effective in treating the pain of abandonment.

    Qantum quattro interrupts the karmic cycle of codependence, which are often hidden behind addiction or disease relationships. Helps carers or partners understand that the "dependent" not in the true sense of the word can not do anything about it or control his actions. But you also indicate when you would still hit you.

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